11 Best AngularJS Frameworks for Your Next Web App Development

What framework do you prefer to use when you need to prepare single-page applications? 

Angular JS is the ideal JavaScript framework offering quick page loading speed, quick navigation, smooth usability, and adds value to the websites.

Do you know that there are 610,756 live websites using AngularJS? Let us know about AngularJS and its associated frameworks for seamless web application development.

AngularJS: A quick overview

Launched in 2010, AngularJS is the front-end web framework based on Javascript, open-source, and widely used for creating single-page web applications. 

It is helping developers to offer a framework for model-view-ViewModel (MVVM) and model-view-controller (MVC) architectures. 

Angular js development company are working on web apps to ease the development and testing 

Some of the important and accomplished goals of AngularJS in any web app development, along with their benefits, include:

  • It offers a basic structure for the creation of the web application. It covers UI designing, coding, testing, etc.
  • It decouples the client side and server side. The developers can work parallel on both sides, allowing reusability in the codes.
  • It decouples application logic from DOM manipulation. Hence, the code structuring is simplified to a great extent.

With the latest version of Angular 13 released on 1st November 2021, it is easy for any project to manage the cost of hiring an AngularJS developer. 

This version is the flag-bearer of creating dynamic components, dynamic enabling or disabling of validators, etc. With that being said, let us now move to the quick list of the top AngularJS frameworks.

11 Best AngularJS Frameworks for Your Next Web App Development

Different AngularJS frameworks come with development tools and in-built web components. Here is the collection of the top 11 of these frameworks:

1. Foundation

It is one of the preferred AngularJS frameworks in the web application industry. Foundation’s top features include code snippets, HTML templates, alerts, accordions, dropdown, process bar, triggers, etc. 

Further, it is easy to add a quickly responsive UI design for different devices and mediums and improve accessibility. Developers are creating amazing web and mobile applications using the Foundation framework.

2. Radian

The dedicated AngularJS framework is open-source and allows plot representation in HTML documents. It is easy to customize the HTML components irrespective of creating JS plotting code every time. 

Further, it is easy to enable two-way data binding and HTML components with the powerful technologies of Radian. 

Some of the benefits of Radian include utilizing the D3.js plotting library for graphic generation of SVG components, embedding these components directly on the page, etc. Further, the liberal license and comprehensive documentation ensure that it is easy to use Radian in modern web application development.

3. Angular UI Tree

It is the leading AngularJS framework used to sort nested lists. It becomes easy to change different tree items and allows quick changes with its drag and drop functionality. 

It eliminates the use of jQuery and avoids child nodes using native AngularJS scope. 

The developers need to support Angular UI Tree with other AngularJS frameworks to create a dedicated front-end of any web application.

4. PrimeNG

Ranking high in the top AngularJS framework for web development projectsPrimeNG is used for creating complex web applications.

It has a built-in library of more than 70 UI components, including pre-built widgets, native themes, etc. Some of the other top preferred front-end components offered by PrimeNG are menus, overlays, form inputs, charts, etc. 

All the open-source widgets and free components are available with an MIT license. If any developer is looking for the AngularJS framework, which helps incorporate different UI components in any big application, it is easy to go for PrimeNG.

5. Angular UI Grid

The web applications with huge databases prefer Angular UI Grid as their supporting framework. It eliminates the different dependencies and enables native AngularJS implementation without using jQuery. 

Some powerful features of Angular UI Grid include sorting, filtering grouping, user interactions, visualization, e2e testing, etc. 

It is easy for the developers to change the CSS file and use pre-configured customizers to personalize the overall looks and feel of web pages. The plugin architecture of Angular UI Grid allows the developers to go for the required features only and eliminate the technological burden of the application.

6. Quantum UI

It is a leading AngularJS framework that offers more than 60 rest services and multiple server-friendly UI components. 

It is maintained and hosted by the famous GitHub. Quantum UI supports Bootstrap-oriented CSS structure and has MVVM architecture. 

The different components of Quantum UI come under open–source or available at nominal pricing to the developers. Some of the advantages of Quantum UI include the elimination of writing JS, which can be configured using attributes and properties only.

7. Angular Material

It has a large library of different UI components used in web app creation. These include Cards, Data Tables, Inputs, Datepickers, etc., and can be reused by the developers. 

It has specific accessible components and a large CSS library, including typography. Other offerings include different theming options, strong flex grid layout, responsive directives, etc. 

All the available components can be used with default styling, which is compatible with Google Material Design Specifications. 

Developers prefer to go for Angular Material as it helps create consistent, elegant, and highly customized user interfaces. Further, changing the look and feel of different web components is easy.

8. Ionic

It comes as the platform-independent AngularJS framework allowing web application developers to get the most out of its features. 

It is widely used to create highly optimized and robust applications. It covers a major part of the front-end development with in-built CSS and JS parts. 

It offers free SDK and open sources to create highly user-friendly applications. All the additional features can be added in the pre-configured CSS classes, which makes it a favourite of many developers. 

9. Suave UI

It is another top front-end development framework for AngularJS. It is used widely to create aesthetic UI for multiple web applications. 

It allows the developers to experiment with several UI components, services, CSS definitions like colored buttons, layered elements, grid, etc., collections of directives, etc. 

It becomes easy for the developers to complete tasks in browsers with a single command as all the UI components are stored in bundle files. Hence, no need to include every UI component separately during the web app development process.

10. UI Bootstrap

It offers a range of web development components to the developers, including Bootstrap CSS, Angular-torch, Angular-animate, etc. 

All these components have repository dependencies. UI Bootstrap comes as a dynamic AngularJS framework used aggressively in front-end development. 

Some of the main advantages of UI Bootstrap include improving the web app performance without using jQuery, JavaScript, Bootstrap, etc. Further, it is supported by detailed support to help developers at any point in their web app development project.

11. LumX

It is the preferred AngularJS framework that offers user-friendly and highly aesthetic UI designs based on Google Material Design Practices. 

It is a highly flexible framework for front-end development based on SaaS. Some of the key benefits of LumX include utilizing jQuery without additional plugins, optimizing SaaS and JS files with Gulp to improve app performance, etc. 

Further, the best web development company considers LumX the ideal CSS framework for Angular development.

Which AngularJS framework should I use?

Out of all the options mentioned above, it depends on the choice of the developers and the type of the projects to select the top AngularJS framework for a web development project. 

Hence, the developers can select any AngularJS frameworks after going through their key advantages and top uses. Further, you can hire a dedicated web development company that has a detailed understanding of all these frameworks and can help your web application with the prestigious one.

Wrapping Up

With the market penetration of more than 6.94% in the JavaScript frameworks, it is easy to understand the different AngularJS frameworks, which are in great demand. 

You can select LumX, UI Bootstrap, Ionic, Suave UI, Quantum UI, Radian, PrimeNG, Foundation, Angular UI Tree, Angular Material, Angular UI Grid, etc. Not to miss is to get associated with the leading and best web development company that understands all about these frameworks.

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