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If you are focused on a privacy provide browser then here is a list of best Google Chrome alternatives for you. As per Firefox, the new Firefox browser consumes 30% less memory than Google Chrome. Lets discuss here 6 best alternatives to Google Chrome browser.

Chances are that you are using the Google Chrome browser on both your PC and smartphone. And there is nothing wrong with that. But trust us, if you want better privacy and security in your browsing sessions, several other browsers can get the job done with equal efficiency, if not more.

that you would be better off using. All of them offer a private and secure browsing environment without compromising on browsing speed. Though, if we talk about speed, it is only as good as your internet connection. And that may be resolved with the help of internet services like Optimum Internet that offers blazing-fast internet speeds at reasonable rates. Simply call the optimum customer service team for an instant subscription.

6 Best Alternatives to Google Chrome

Anyway, here are the six top web browsers that can substitute your Google Chrome browser and enable you to experience a rich browsing session:

1. Mozilla Firefox

First up is the Firefox browser by Mozilla. This browser offers all the necessary and luxurious features (probably more) that you are used to with the Google Chrome browser. This browser lets you add a plethora of useful extensions that can help you stay safe from irritating pop-up ads, enhance the accessibility of the browser, and add a little flair to the browser.

Firefox is an open-source software that offers a significant advantage over Google Chrome’s RAM management capability. Instead of starting a new process for each tab, it utilizes all the processors at the same time for all your tabs, preserving memory.

2. Chromium

If you would rather stay in touch with the Chromium build offered by Google Chrome, but would like to stop being tracked, then Chromium itself may be the right choice for you. Since several services relying on Google do not function here, the browser ultimately keeps your data safe since there is no communication with third parties. So, if privacy is your main concern, and you can get by without the connectivity that Google Chrome offers, Chromium might do just the trick.

3. Opera

Those using a mobile platform may already be familiar with Opera, but we are here to tell you that Opera has an equally great potential for replacing the web browser on your PC as well. The browser features a built-in VPN so that you do not need to rely on third-party extensions for secluded browsing.

Moreover, the browser comes with a chat option built right inside so that you do not need to switch between apps in the middle of an important assignment and a message pops up on the screen. Sharing files and playing browser games are only a few other exciting features that you can enjoy once you switch to the Opera browser.

4. SRWare Iron

Another SRWare Iron browser working on the same Chromium principles is Iron by SRWare. It is a proprietary browser that takes your privacy quite seriously. The browser offers a simplistic design that is focused on functionality rather than just making the browser look pretty.

The biggest benefit that it has to offer is that you would be safe from all kinds of encumbrance like crypto, nonsense ads, spyware, and others. And if you add the right extensions to it, you will further safeguard your browser from unwanted attention.

5. Brave

If browsing speed is what tempts you, then the Brave browser is the one you want. The browser claims to provide you with up to 3 times faster browsing speeds along with efficient ad blockers and desktop synchronization.

And if you happen to be using the Brave browser on your smartphone, then you may also enjoy added battery time as the browser reduces page load time and ultimately increases the OS speed up to 8 times the normal.

6. Vivaldi

Finally, the Vivaldi browser also has unlimited potential to be your next Google Chrome alternative. The browser takes things up a notch by adding further refinement to your browser tabs. Instead of aimlessly adding tab after tab in a single row, the browser lets you experience two-level tab stacks, where you may place tabs of a single category under a single stack. This way, you would be able to access a tidier interface, thus avoiding any clutter.

And the level of minimalism or complexity is totally up to you. Whether you want a basic browser with no screen shortcuts or crazy themes, or an interface with widgets of all sorts, on-screen notes, and vibrant themes, it is all a matter of choice.

On a Final Note

There are several other browsers that can prove to be worthy alternatives to your existing Google Chrome browser. There are options like DuckDuckGo, Flynx, Puffin, and various others that are remarkable in their own way. However, we suggest you start with these.

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