10 Powerful Facebook Marketing Tips to Improve Your Brand Awareness

Here are 10 Facebook marketing tips that will grow your business to built your brand awareness. These Facebook marketing strategies actually works. This article are good for all marketers to increase engagement with their Facebook customer profiles and drive more traffic.

With over 1.19 billion monthly active users on the platform and 874 million mobile users, Facebook is one of the world’s top giants when it comes to social media channels online. As brands are busy entering the holiday season and establishing their online presence in a world, it is important to think about creating strong brand recognition using Facebook when starting out.

All brands have humble beginnings, which is why putting a lot of focus into building their identity and image creates a solid foundation for the future. Your customers will realize how valuable your brand is, what it’s doing and stay invested in your business journey when you have a solid brand recognition strategy.

Facebook Marketing Tips to Improve Your Brand Recognition

Here are 10 powerful Facebook marketing tips to improve your brand awareness.

1. Use Content Marketing to the Fullest

Successful content marketing can make or break your brand. Period.

Content marketing is the No. 1 building block of building brand recognition. The core of your content marketing strategy should be to craft content that is helpful to people and shows you as a valuable business resource. You don’t want to be too sales-y or promotional with your posts. Good content marketing articles for your brand should be backed up with case studies, whitepapers, and extensive research, linking your resources directly with other authority players in the industry.

2. Do Facebook Ad Campaigns

Facebook Ads have been around for a while and many brands are finding success using this paid brand-building strategy. Granted, it’s not free but if you have an understanding of how the platform works and are looking to leverage their audience, it can be a fantastic option.

When you start a Facebook Ad campaign, you can set your budget and choose your target audience demographic. Facebook will take care of the post and start promoting your posts on its platform.

3. Communicate with Your Followers

If you’re already on your way to building a loyal following, you must make sure you interact with them. Facebook shines when it comes to fostering audience engagement, and you can take advantage of it. Talk to your customers daily or as often as possible to check in with their experience of your products/services. Ask for feedback and speak to them openly about their pain points, challenges, and discuss them. As a brand, you want to show that you care about their requirements.

4. Post at Different Times Based on Facebook Insights

You can decide on the best time to post on Facebook by taking a look at your Facebook Insights. Some posts do well in peak hours, while others do not so much. If you are trying to boost engagement rates, test out different timings with different types of posts. You can track your metrics to see if your strategy is working or not.

Another tool you want to use on Facebook is the Audience Insights tool for analyzing user behavior. This will give you helpful insights into what kind of content to produce based on audience information. The tool will tell you details about their gender, geographic locations, ages, job descriptions, and other metrics that give marketers useful insights.

5. Offer Brand Sponsorships

Brand sponsorships can do wonders for your business, especially when it’s gaining traction. Customers tend to listen to influencers’ messages more, and when you offer those with a large following sponsorships, you can enhance engagement. Share the message about your brand far and wide by leveraging the power of sponsorships today.

6. Promote Referral Programs and Incentives

Create a referral program and let users on the platform share with their friends’ referral codes for enjoying exclusive discounts. Referral rewards can help you drive immediate sales and when multiple users see stories about your business giving out rewards, they’re likely to get curious and start promoting it.

7. Leverage User-Generated Content

Your customer testimonials, comments, reviews, and feedback via surveys you get on your Facebook page – these are all user-generated content. Let your audience speak about your brand and showcase it. It’s a powerful way to get engagement and improve brand recognition.

8. Join Facebook Groups

Facebook has plenty of online groups on the platform where you can join and have discussions about your industry or niche. You don’t have to sell or promote your products there. These groups are intended for showcasing your expertise, participating in communities, and just establishing your presence. People will automatically start to follow your brand and promote it once you get active in them.

9. Maintain a Consistent Brand Voice

In today’s world of digital advertising, consumers get turned off when brands try to sell products or sound over promotional. Your brand voice is the way you interact with your customers, and one must ensure it stays authentic. Sharing content from other brands, statistics, case studies, and other examples are excellent ways to leverage the power of content without having to produce anything by yourself.

Furthermore, it shows that you care about your work and are not purely invested in your agenda. Post behind the scenes photos of your workplace, share about your company and be real. This will not only increase the amount of material for your Facebook business pages, but make it easier to market future content whenever you decide to launch new campaigns.

10. Host Contests

Contests are a quick way to grab attention and drive traffic to your Facebook business accounts. What can make your contests more successful if you ask your participants to invite their friends and win exciting prizes?

Set aside a stipulated budget for this and run one from time to time. The rewards can be something as simple as offering freebies to the winners, a box of donuts, or access to pre-launches and exclusive offers that haven’t been yet put up for sale.


As with all types of marketing campaigns, building Facebook brand awareness requires a bit of creativity, planning, and originality. Your marketing techniques should encourage readers to check out your content, participate in events, and keep coming back for more. That’s how you know it’s working.

Keeping track of your Facebook statistics is a solid way to analyze the numbers and predict in advance which content categories will farewell. In the beginning, it may feel as though you are trying a lot of different things but that’s normal and a part of the growth process. Slowly, after a while you’ll get the hang of it, get a grip on Facebook marketing, and improve your brand’s recognition online.

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