How to Manage Internet provider Company with Odoo

In this article we are going to see how to manage your internet provider company with Odoo. Why choose Odoo ERP for your internet provider business? Odoo is a web-based business management software. Enterprise Resource Planning, prominently called ERP is considered as the backbone of any business organization for successful business management.

Internet the world which changes the functioning history of the world. It’s the modernization tool which has provided us with connectivity, communication, information sharing and gathering. People can’t imagine a day without the internet in this era as they have paved the way for online conversions, Wikipedia, banking and many more. Moreover, there is no industry or institution which does not have access to internet facilities.

Manage Internet provider Company with Odoo

With advancements in telecommunications technology and electronics, internet services are available in handheld devices such as smartphones, tablets laptops etc. In a way, this has altered the ways humans used to fusion in the world as they have indulged in our day to day activities of functioning both personally and professionally. On the contrary, the internet has negative consequences too. With the development of social media and information exchange platforms, the addition to these has been increased. Social media has influenced human life from the decisions they have made and to the prospects and goals of their life.

Nowadays People tend to take more photos not for sharing or keeping them but to be Instagram or Facebook worthy. It’s been said that drugs and social media are the two industries that call their clients users rather than customers. The Social dilemma, a controversial documentary by Netflix has explained the side effects and how the social media platform makes us stare longingly at photos or a video moreover, shaping our decision-making aspects.

Now back to the topic, with all these negative aspects mentioned earlier, the internet is an inevitable factor which is indulged in by both individuals as well as the industrial applications. We cannot describe a company functioning without e-mail facilities, thanks to platforms such as Google, Yahoo, Rediff etc that information sharing on an industrial basis has never been easier.

As the internet and its facilities being provided has negative impacts on society and the world but it also has the same bright side of operation which helps the organization and individuals some way or the other in making the tasks much easier.

I can go on and on about the pros and cons of the internet and social media but here the agenda is different. This blog will provide insight into how Odoo will help an internet service provider company to run their business.

Odoo as you know it’s a complete management tool that allows its users to control, monitor and manage the operations of any business. Managing a service provider company is one of the key aspects of Odoo software. With its customizability and integration factors, the software can be twisted and turned to run any sort of company operations from small scale to multinational corporations.

In the case of an internet provider company being a service-based industry, Odoo Can be the complete management tool. The platform can run the option from purchase of equipment, sales of subscription services, servicing, installation, coordinating employees and many more.

The Odoo platform will be helpful for the companies it will help the user to run and manage the following aspects:

  • Sales and subscriptions
  • Field services and equipment installations
  • Equipment purchase
  • Employee management
  • Financial aspects of the company
  • Marketing and advertising

Sales and Subscriptions

The sales in the case of an internet service provider company are dealing with the connection sales and the subscriptions on the packs or the monthly plans. The various plans can be described in the platform along with the days of its operations which can be added as the subscription product.

If the company has an e-commerce platform the subscription plans can be defined to be purchased by the customer. The payments can also be accepted with the various online payment gateways acceptable to the company and are being described on the platform.

Field Services and Equipment Installations

Installation and field services are an inevitable factor while dealing with a service provider company. The Odoo with its efficient field service management tool along with supporting application-based modules will allow the users to deal with it.

The factors such as employee allocations, invoicing based on service charge and money spent, products used and many more aspects concerning the file serving can be done in Odoo. In addition, the timesheet aspect of Odoo will provide a correct tracking ability to the user as well as the employee on the time allocation and spend on every task.

Equipment Purchase

Any company, even if it’s a service provider based one has to deal with the equipment purchase of products. In the case of the internet service provider company the routers, connecting cables and sharing devices will be required to be purchased from multiple vendors.

The Odoo platform purchase module will allow the user to define the various products, allocate vendors, send out purchase quotations and create purchase orders. The platform allows the users to allocate multiple vendors to a product. The various purchase agreements on the products as well as services being provided by the vendors can be defined in the platform.

Employee Management

Managing your company employees efficiently will be hectic for the many managers. The Odoo Customization platform has an efficient HR management aspect which will allow the users to manage the employee’s aspects from recruitments to payroll generation and payment.

In the case of the internet service provider company, employee management can be trickier as most of them are to manage while operating in the field. In the field the employee work hours can be monitored by the timesheets being described under each task, the same can be done in the in-house operations of the employee.

Financial Aspects of the Company

The finance operations of a company should be managed effectively to nullify the losses and improve the profits. The Odoo platform has a reliable accounting module that provides the users with options that help the users manage the assets, liabilities and funds. The module also deals with the invoicing aspects in managing the chart of accounts for the company.

In the case of field services in the internet service provider company the invoice can be generated straight from the field module allowing the employees to generate and issue invoices to the customer straight from the field itself on the service charge, the product used and installation charges.

Marketing and Advertising

The promotional advertising and marketing of any business could bring in more customers. The Odoo platform has the marketing management aspect to deal with emails, SMS and social media marketing and advertisements. The user can use these digital marketing aspects which will drive in the customers.

In the case of the internet service provider company, the user can display the various marketing programs pop up messages in social media and company websites. In addition, the user can combine traditional marketing practices along with digital marketing campaigns to attract more attention from customers’ potential clients.

Final Thoughts

The Odoo ERP is an effective management tool that helps the users to run a service-based company with ease. The operational modules of the Odoo are interconnected and operated based on the real-time aspect which would provide complete management aspects for the user in the business.

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