Why Choose Odoo ERP for Your Business

Today, we are talking about Why choose Odoo ERP for your business? Enterprise Resource Planning, prominently called ERP is considered as the backbone of any business organization for successful business management. Regardless of how complicated your business is, a suitable ERP solution will bring you hassle-free business management and helps to improve productivity.


As we all know Odoo is a business management software bundled with many modules including Accounting, CRM, E-commerce, Inventory, HRMS, and many more. Odoo was formerly known as Open ERP and was founded by Fabien Pincakers in 2005. The word Odoo stands for On-Demand Open Project. The reason why it is named Odoo is that it is an Open Source Software and it can be customized according to the business needs. Since the launch of Odoo in 2005, It’s been leading the ERP software market with 5 Million Satisfied user’s across the globe.

What Makes Odoo Special among other ERP Software

For every organization, they need to manage different aspects of the business such as Human Resource Management, CRM, Accounting, Productivity. In order to run different aspects of the organization, they need to use multiple softwares for different processes. In the case of Odoo, it comes with the functionalities required to run any business organization smoothly and can integrate different modules into a single system for effective business management.

The main advantage of Odoo ERP software is that the collected information can be transferred into any modules when it is necessary. For example, the accountant can control and manage the employee’s salary by incorporating the employee management system with the ERP and at the same time, he/she can access the productivity status from the production line. Both of these data can be integrated into a single system for easy access.

Why Odoo ERP is the best for your Business?

  1. Modular Structure
  2. Open Source
  3. Cost-Effective
  4. All in One Management Software
  5. Easy Integration

1. Modular Structure

As we explained, Odoo is having different business management aspects and are termed as Modules. Inside Odoo there are different modules for effective business management. One can Opt-in or Opt-out and integrate with related requirements. It is simple to integrate any module into the software where customizations of those modules can be done easily. The flexibility provided by Odoo ERP is what makes Odoo unique from other ERP software.

2. OpenSource

Odoo is an Open Source ERP software, which provides you with the ability to customize each module according to the business. Developers can easily get the codes of each module and modify the modules to enable additional features based on the business requirements. There is a community of developers working 24/7 on the codes to give the best of what Odoo can offer and they are consistently adding new features to the open-source software.

3. Cost-Effective

There is no license fee for using Odoo which makes Odoo again the best compared to other ERP software. Anyone can use the community version as the community version is available free of cost. But Odoo comes with two different versions where the Community version is free of cost and you have to purchase the Enterprise version which comes with advanced features and customized modules. The cost of Odoo is very low compared to any other ERP software.

In order to install other ERP software for your business, you have to pay the license fee additionally you cannot customize it according to your business. But in the case of Odoo, it is possible to customize the ERP software as per client requirement and also Odoo provides 1000 + apps that can be incorporated into the system which is developed by the Odoo Partners.

4. All in One management Software

The term all in one management software means, Odoo is bundled with major modules from accounting, CRM, HR management, Sales Management, Purchase Management- and all these modules are essential for successful business management. Odoo supports customization of each module as per the requirement instead of using various applications for different uses. There are many Companies which can rely on Odoo Customization and after services.

5. Easy Integration

The integration of Odoo ERP applications is very much easier compared to any other ERP software in the market. You can add or remove different modules without intercepting the entire process which means you can add any modules with the existing software very easily and without affecting the process.

Benefits of using Odoo ERP Software

  1. Open-source software are always economical: As source code is publically available there is no license fee which will save a huge amount in the long run compared to other ERP software
  2. Fewer bugs and Quick fixes: A dedicated community for bug fixing and adding extra security measures provide Odoo, a less bug-free Odoo ERP software.
  3. Security: Developers always find the holes in the code and fix the issue before someone else takes the advantage.

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