What is Odoo? Odoo, More than an ERP Software

What is Odoo? Odoo is open source business management software. Odoo is web based software. Odoo, formerly known as OpenERP, was a traditional ERP player. In this article, we are going to see Odoo is really more than an ERP Software.

Things started to change for OpenERP as they built a network of 500+ partners worldwide. In 2013, they beheld 2.000.000 users worldwide backed by a robust open-source community.

But the urge to build a larger network and reach audience across the globe, OpenERP decided to refurbish their identity from an ERP software to all in one business management software.

Odoo started to build partner network along with investing in R&D to improvise their product. Ultimately, they changed their business model from a service company to a software publisher company.

The Journey from ERP to Business Software (OpenERP to Odoo)

OpenERP focused on becoming popular among other ERPs like SAP.

As the earlier business model of Odoo was service based, they were not able to invest time and efforts in bettering their product which made them think that it was time for a change.

So, OpenERP decided to release open-source CMS, eCommerce, and business intelligence engine along with a suite of business applications.

The ERP functions are unchanged, whereas key highlight was management applications like Accounting, CRM, Inventory, etc.

Following the drastic pivot in their business model, Odoo came out as one of the fastest growing company in Belgium between 2002-2011. As time passed, Odoo also became one of the most installed management software with 1000 installations per day.

Followed by a strong community it was possible for Odoo to release 60 modules every month. This made them the Wikipedia of management software.

On the other hand, most of the business analysts started to consider Odoo over SAP and at the end of 2013, Odoo has 2.000.000 users worldwide.

Odoo – Bettering Businesses One App at a Time

The exceptional technology allows businesses to find apps as per their evolving business model and requirements. Be it CRM, HR, Manufacturing, Inventory, Accounting, Purchasing, there is something for every business type and domain.

To top that Odoo is backed up by a great community and a large developer base, it makes innovation more accessible for businesses.

Let’s see a brief overview of all the Odoo apps.

Sales – Sell Efficiently | Streamline Communication | Intuitive Reporting | Manage Orders


Odoo CRM lets you track leads, close deals, or get accurate forecasts. You will be able to keep a record of all the information regarding your customers and leads at a single place. You can also access all the important information directly from website pages, emails, etc.


With Odoo it is easy to install a user-friendly Point of Sale without specific hardware requirements. It allows you to stay stable while executing important operations for inventory or eCommerce, even during lack of internet.


Be it creating quotations, enabling electronic signature, and managing sales order, Odoo lets you automate all the sales operations while allowing you to focus on boosting ROI.

Finance Apps – Reduce Data Entry | Easy Reconciliation | Analytic Accounting | Assets Management


Be it synchronizing bank transactions, managing bills, or invoices, Odoo Accounting lets you execute it easily. You can now get paid quickly with electronic signatures, while dynamic reports can generate cash flow statements and earning reports.


Odoo’s online invoicing will generate bill automatically based on sales, delivery, contracts, time, and material data. You can also record transactions and keep track of paid/unpaid invoices.


Odoo enables synchronization in the process from allowing employees to update expenses, managers to validate/refuse and accountants to add them in their books.

Website Apps – Great User Experience | Convert Visitors | Full Marketing Stack | SEO Tools

Website Builder

Building a website is just a few drags/drops away with Odoo. You can shortlist relevant features for your business and Odoo will automatically adjust to your brand guidelines. It also comes with an integrated marketing stack which includes- SEO, CTA, Multi-website, Mass Mailing.


Odoo eCommerce is a modern open-source online store which is fully integrated with payment, shipping apps, and dedicated customer portals that help you keep your customers’ data systematized.


Now you can focus on quality content production as Odoo’s responsive design will relieve you from tedious back-end dealings.

Live Chat

Connect with your customers and deliver real-time support with Odoo Live Chat. As Odoo is well-integrated with other apps, you can continue the conversation with clients from any other module.

Operations Apps – Automated Replenishments | Agile Project Management | Intuitive Onsite Tools


Odoo has smart double entry inventory system that lets you manage your warehouse and track each stock move with real-time reports about product performance.


Be it task management, tracking time, filling weekly timesheets, Odoo Timesheet is available for every device.


Organize, schedule, plan, and analyze everything necessary with Odoo’s agile project management app. According to the task complexity you can customize stages for your team and assign accordingly.

Field Service Management

Odoo’s field service management app lets your workers manage all the onsite activities such as scheduling appointments, planning routes, tracking time, selling products, designing worksheets, or invoicing services.

Manufacturing Apps – Workcenter Control panel | Organize Maintenance Requirements | Quality Control Points


Handling product engineering, work orders, supply chain, alerts, and maintenance, with Odoo is more accurate. Odoo’s barcode scan feature at every step will speed up your operations.


Odoo PLM lets you communicate more efficiently with various departments while utilizing integrated document management to trigger alerts for necessary actions.


Odoo’s smart fleet app lets you track your vehicles, manage contracts, evaluate costs, and manage assignments.

Human Resource Apps – Organize Vacancies |Customize Recruitment Process | Employee Evaluation


From hiring to contracting, Odoo’s Human Resource app lets you handle all the recruitment process while making it easy to track every applicant from database of skills and profiles.


You can centralize employees’ information alongside restricting the visibility of sensitive information to authoritative members.

Marketing Apps – Craft Customer Journey | Design Engaging Email Templates | Reach your Audience

Marketing Automation

Odoo’s lets you create automated and targeted marketing campaigns by segmenting your database, setting marketing workflows, and nurturing leads through the sales funnel.

Email Marketing

Creating email campaigns from scratch is as easy as dragging and dropping elements or picking ready-made themes. Moreover, the email template on Odoo will automatically fit to any device screen and will also let you monitor real-time statistics.

Social Media

You can plan, monitor, analyze, and handle all the social media accounts with features like live chat, push notifications, and real-time support for your customers.

Odoo Studio- Customize Apps

Odoo lets you create and customize- screens, tasks, workflows, business apps, mobile apps, in no time.

Be it small, medium, or large enterprise, Odoo is an all-rounding suite of business tools to attend all sorts of business types and requirements.

To top that, Odoo is open-source, so- there are no licensing fees associated, and the source code is customizable.

So, businesses looking forward to managing everything on a single software can contact a professional Odoo agency.

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  1. Nice Topic.
    Odoo ERP is most useful erp system for all type of businesses or industries to globally.

    Odoo ERP system is enterprise resource planning software used company-wide for the management of business processes. It is the perfect business management software for small, medium, and large companies in any industry.

    The Odoo ERP is an all-in-one ERP software that offers many features in the form of applications that can be activated based on business needs. Odoo Covers a wide range of Apps and modules such as CRM, Sales, Development, E-commerce, POs, Purchase management, Project Management, Manufacturing, Warehouse Management, Accounting and Finance management, Human Resources, etc.

    There are different apps available based on business verticals that can be installed and used by companies.

    Advantages of Odoo:
    Fully Integrated Modules
    Hosting Flexibility On-premise / On Cloud
    System Consists Of Multiple Modules That Are Enabled As Needed
    Flexible To Configure & Customize
    Easy Migration
    Integrated Information
    Access From Anywhere, Anytime, Any Device
    Low Cost of Ownership
    Support Multi-Company / Branches

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