Why do Companies hide the usage of Chat bots

Today we have discussed about why do companies hide the usage of chat bots. Chatbots have limited responses provided to customers, so they are not often able to answer multi-part questions or questions that require decisions. Thus, customers are left without a solution, and have to go through more steps to contact your support team.

Sometimes the image of proactive chat can be visible only up to first try talking to them – and so it can be revealed that the one you are talking to is none other than a simple bot that answers questions quite straightforwardly and generally, without giving specific responses.

How the Companies Decide on Choosing bots

The reasons why bots can be picked instead of prepared live chat customer care are not that variable and revolve only around the same thing: money. For website owners, even the best chat bot can cost less than hiring a professional team which is able to handle the questions asked by clients. But, in reality, it only brings negative impressions – the more customer is disappointed with talking bot features, the lesser the chance they will ever come back, giving another chance.

How Chat bots can be masked as real people

In order to reveal the truth, any customer can try several questions to ask to see if someone is a bot. Certainly, some systems can be prepared for it, but many still can be revealed after responding in a specific manner. Here are some variants of how to tell if you are talking to a bot:

  1. The proactive customer service will never respond after one or two seconds – it takes much more to type in the answer or at least search for proper canned response. Sometimes the system can delay responses on purpose, but that happens rather rarely.
  2.  If you directly ask the name of the communicator, most systems tell sincerely that this is the bot talking to them. Although you can meet AIs with a name given, because some developers do understand the wish of people not wanting to talk with customized machines. Even when the name is present, there is another method to reveal the truth.
  3. When asking for something out of thematic scenario, only chat bot will tell that you need to rephrase your question. Proactive live chat instead will offer a response that really sounds like the one made by person.

How to find Alternatives for Chat bots

In case you do not know the method of combining live chat agents and reasonable expenses, you should try reducing costs through partial removing of chat triggers set before. Instead of using chat invitations in place of a website welcome message, it would be wiser to put some specific live chat triggers for visiting the certain page or after a certain time spent on the website at all.

Such triggered messages will make the work of agents more effective and will not attract too much attention for irritating the user or initiating the chat out of boredom. If the user sees the proactive chat triggers suitable for starting a conversation, the image of the website will become much better, initiating a thought to come back once more because of developer’s referring to their experience when a person feels the most struggle in proceeding through the page.

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