Top 5 Best Open Source JavaScript Game Engines You Must Know

JS Game engines work fast with a compatible browser, hardware, and software a developer uses. In this article, we are going to explore the top 5 best open source JavaScript game engines. There are instances of using 2D and 3D games in game development companies all over the world. To learn web development, it is the best start with 2D platform-based games. The following are the best open-source JavaScript game engines used by beginners and experts alike.

Top 5 Best Open Source JavaScript Game Engines

Following are the top 5 best open-source JavaScript game engines.

1. Backbone Game Engine

Backbone game engine is an elementary html5 canvas game engine based on Backbone and it is solely for 2D platform games. This engine is made for mobiles, it runs internally in CocoonJS canvas plus. This means that users can switch between a native app with a core system of IOS or Android. The factors or features that are created on the backbone are:

  • Occasions
  • Versions
  • A bundle of similar features
  • Work passed down to the next version
  • Consistency

Try not to run it on j-Query or any other platforms as it works only on html5 canvas. There shouldn’t be too many changes and modifications made to html5 canvas. Backbone game engine is fully optimized to work on mobile phones and for running maximum frames within each second, it supports viewport functions and see-through contact features.

2. Jaws JS

Jaws game engine had its initial run with canvas, however, has been developed to support normal DOM-based sprites within the same sort of API. Its core is html5 and is also a 2D game Lib. This game engine is best compatible with classic retro games that have a scrolling narrative, games like these have a handful of animated sprites (sprite-sheet) there’s a basic feature of Jaws that detects collision of rect, circle and it works smoothly for most parts.

If the number of sprites is high, it’s suggested to use physicslib such as spatial hashing such as quadtrees or maybe even box2d to increase the pace of things.

A tip for beginners is to use HTML elements as your base, in case the game you want to make needs more GUI than usual. Try not to dabble with canvas sprites for a GUI theme.

Jaws make great progress with the use of canvas by making excellent collisions and terrains which are curved and more features that are easy to make.

3. Darling.JS

DarlingJS is a dual component with entity based js game engine, it has got dependency injections along with fundamental architecture. This is easily used by new users as it does not charge the user, it’s a free licensed game engine, a deal like this is favorable for developers starting on creating a game or application.

One of the major components in Darlingjs is dependency injection which permits the user to describe how the system of the application works. Components that are not satisfactory should be easily changed, the engine also divides function and data into slots of Systems and Components. These functions are not codependent rather work with their program, yet are helpful to allow Systems and components to work together in modules used to plug for usage. Thus, these functions of combination replace the feature of inheritance.

4. Quintus

Quintus is another simple format for newcomers to learn and use, Quintus is compatible with your iOS or Android system, pc, or other devices. Hence, making it an engine with multi-functionality. It is another html5 game engine, Quintus is a specifically designed engine build to be light and strictly scalable for users and developers alike. It has got a specific syntax that works better with js. If developers wish to include a standardized OOP game engine format into the html5 js engine. This scenario usually occurs if there is insufficient storage or a tight fit to the system.

Used for reusable functions, distribution of components in games and applications, Quintus works along with traditional inheritance and adds an adaptable component model. Rather than using a model restricted to single inheritance, it’s way easier to use Quintus for the mentioned objectives.

5. Crafty

Crafty is a sort of js game library that assists users create and make their own games through a structural manner. Craft has got some interesting features

  • There’s no requirement of an inheritance feature since the library is stocked neatly with individual slots of game organization, in terms of the element.
  • It gets easier to bind the event system, especially for customized events. It allows users to use the event binding feature to boot events immediately.
  • There is no requirement to manipulate DOM or other custom routines in this js library.

Additionally, there is an online forum available for new users or developers who may find doubts or improvements to ask and suggest to fellow peers in the forum. There is also a large scale of community modules available for users to generate codes from the crafted collections. Last but certainly not least, this system works based on fundamental JavaScript which means Crafty works in all surfacing browsers. It is possible to combine with other javascript libraries to increase your elementary collection of components, entities, and so on.


There is always a beginning to an end, for starters in the context of JavaScript game engines we have a variety of engines for beginners to experiment with and create their own original game. There is a many game development organization where developers are striving and have started from these beginner’s game engines and libraries.

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