Best Guide to Check Before Launching Your Website

Here are the best guide to check before launching your Website. Are you preparing to come up with your brand-new website and make your dream come true? It is undeniable in this case to be confused as to enlist the game changers for you and your site. There are several matters which require your immediate attention to make it a success for you. Some of the measures may be too simple for you in the application, but their importance can make it fruitful. This piece mentions all the essential things that should be an integral part of your website launch checklist.

Based on thorough research, we have prepared a list covering all the essential points. Let’s quickly dive in and understand the same.

13 Checklist Points Before Launching Your Website

Following are 13 checklist points check before launching your website.

1. Search Engine Optimization

It would help if you kept the SEO in mind while making the website go live. You may have to take several extra steps for reaching that level of ranking on popular search engines, but that is undoubtedly going to be beneficial for your business.

The critical tests before the launch and after the launch both play a cardinal role in securing and maintaining a good rank. All the website aspects should be so designed that they work in conjunction with the search engines and quickly secure a good position.

2. Check for Minor Errors

It is almost impossible not to have errors even after putting all your efforts and hard work into the website. Even a slight typing error can make your website look improperly handled and pose a terrible impression on users’ minds. A website with no or fewer errors increases its SEO and attracts viewers towards it.

This ranges from having good quality images to original and grammatically correct content. The images should be placed at appropriate places, and video files should also be attached wherever possible. This is going to establish a good rapport with your business in the market.

3. Test Your Site’s Usability

Things to check before you launch your site include this essential element of usability too. A website that is not of much use to the consumers will never be able to compete in the market, and thus, it will even fail to achieve its own goals. The website should have the essential and cardinal elements that it promises to provide to the users.

If you will drop this essential element, needless to say, your users will find the content vague and will not come back to ever look at it. In this way, it is crucial that before launch, you test it all by yourself by keeping yourself in place of a user and then following the entire process.

4. Check for Mobile-friendliness

One of the aspects that is consistently neglected and aren’t worked upon properly is the experience of the users operating via mobile phones. It is mostly seen that mobile is our go-to in today’s era, and all of us enjoy browsing over cell phones. In this direction, ignoring the users’ experience or designing a website that is not mobile-friendly will not be a great step for you.

Ultimately, suppose the user is not finding it appropriate to browse through their cell phones. In that case, they are not going to use your website, and it may turn up against your website as a significant drawback and can impact your desired objective.

5. SSL Certificate

In this era of technological advancement and awareness, everyone is genuinely concerned about their security, especially in the cyber world. The users too prefer sites that have no intention to cause any form of harm to their sensitive information. In this regard, SSL Certificates can be beneficial to your website. It is advisable to research before you employ one.

SSL Certificates available at varied prices in the market serve a broad range of purposes, all in the direction of strengthening your website’s security. Buy SSL from reliable providers like SSL2BUY in the market at pocket-friendly prices.

6. FAQs

It is usually noticed that people come to know about your website through random search or pop-ups and don’t know much about your services and products. They have various questions in their head, and they are also curious to know the answers to the same.

FAQs can be an excellent method to serve this purpose. You get a perfect opportunity to clear up their doubts, let them know more about your motive and how you are different from your contemporaries in the market. Through FAQs, you can solve their confusion and convince them to opt for your services that may even turn them up in your loyal base.

7. Content Strategy

Before you launch, you should be clear and specific about the kind and variety of content you will come up with. It should not only be regular but creative in its approach too. The content lacking creativity and originality does not have a long-term survival in the market. Uniqueness is one of the essential aspects, and the content should have that. It should be capable of attracting the target audience and address all their concerns in a detailed manner.

8. Get ready for 404s

Despite putting so much effort before launching a website, there may still be cases where the user faces complications. That may be because the user typed something inapplicable, which made him land on a page with no details of the desired. Therefore, it is advisable to keep a check on all the Error 404 messages and find solutions such as redirecting them to similar pages, as early as possible.

9. Test Social Media Integration

This is the era of social media, undoubtedly. It is usually seen that the businesses- from small and midsize to large firms- get help from social media in setting up, promotion, and expansion. It is a reasonable measure to let people know about your site and reach a wider audience. In this case, check that your social media icons, meant to keep you in the picture out there, are functioning correctly or not. Pay attention to the share button if that’s enabling the content to be shared further.

10. Update the Time Zone

Having an updated time zone is a must-have before you launch your website. The Website Launch Checklist must include this aspect as most of the actions and activities are guided by this only. It is effortless to adjust the time zones by merely going to the SETTINGS and searching for the TIME ZONE option. The plugins on your website are also dependent on these time zones; therefore, it becomes cardinal to your website to have the appropriate time zone settings.

11. Take Care of the Legal Stuff

When you are dealing with several aspects to make your website look fit and acceptable for the market, it is essential to pay enough attention to the legal stuff. Make sure you have taken all the desired permissions and fulfilled all the legalities, and you do not land in any significant dispute later on. If you are not aware of the kind of permissions you should have, you can even take the experts’ help in this field. They will guide you thoroughly through this. You should be well aware of the policies and formalities before you launch your website.

12. Delete any Unwanted Plugins

Keep an eye on the plugins that you do not require. Instead, you can make a list of the plugins needed by you and those not needed at all. Following the list, you can delete the unwanted ones for your ease of operation. Before launch, it is essential to segregate the useful ones out of the truckloads of the plugins you have installed since the beginning. It will help you prepare for the launch better and not even occupy your precious space.

13. Quality Assurance Analysis

Before launching your website, it is also recommended to get a reality check of your quality. In this, a quality check analyst can be a good help. Do not hesitate in hiring one and then taking his suggestions seriously. The hired analyst must check each page’s functioning and links, and the probability of their functioning is also defined. It gives you a crystal-clear picture of your work and where you stand in developing your site. It gives you a great insight before the launch, one that you need.


The website launch checklist may be lengthy and tiresome for most of you. Even then, there is a constant fear of missing out on things. In this case, you need to look at all the aspects mentioned above as each one of them has its importance and will boost your business and make your work easy. Small steps like social media integration, quality analysis will bring you good sales.

On the other hand, steps like website security, letting the unwanted plugins go, keeping up with the legal matters will not pose any issues in the future.

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