How to Create a Live Streaming Website? Best Ultimate Guide

In order to create a live streaming on your website, you must have to follow this ultimate guide. How to Create a Live Streaming Website? In this article, we are going to see best ultimate guide to create a live streaming Website. If ever there was an era perfect for live streaming, this is it. As the whole world, live streaming is becoming mainstream helping people to connect with each other.

Having a look at the lucrative revenue figures or live streaming industry, a natural question that arises is how to create a live streaming site to be a part of this competitive market. In this blog, let’s look into creating a live streaming site that can bring you big business opportunities.

Create a Live Streaming Website

Live streaming is a powerful tool for both personal branding and business purposes. Live streaming encourages trust among the audience and facilitates real-time engagement. To create a live streaming website on your own branding, host your live videos and monetize your service, here is the step-by-step guide.

Choose Your Niche

First things first. If you want to create a live streaming website, start with selecting a niche of your choice. You can either stick on to building a general live streaming website or choose a specific niche. For example, you can create a game streaming website or a religious live streaming website to cater to a specific audience. Every time you start planning to find a suitable niche, start by doing market research to find a unique niche that remains unserved.

Pick a Business Model

The next step is to define a business model that decides how you will sell your services to your audience. The most common business model is the subscription model where you can allow your users to view your live streams for a recurring subscription fee. However, for that business model to work, you must make sure your live streaming platform has ongoing content that keeps your users coming back to your site. The subscription business model offers the best value to your users and also provides you with stable revenue.

Another business model is the pay-per-view business model where you allow your users to access your platform by just paying for individual content. You can also monetize your live streams by running advertisements on your site. Partner with big brands that promote products and services related to your niche to make money from ads. Sponsorships are another great way to monetize your live streaming website.

Create and Customize Your Live Streaming Site

To create a live streaming site, you must choose the preferred development method which we will be discussing in a short while. Customization is also an important aspect of creating a live streaming site. When creating your live streaming site, make sure you customize the branding, design, color schemes, etc. according to your preference. Anything your users will interact with on the website on the front end can be customized according to the interests of your audience and your unique business goals.

Plan Your Live Streams

When you start out, you can upload some of your previous live videos to establish a full-fledged live streaming website with rich content. When your viewers see a library of old live streams, they know what to expect from your live streaming site regarding the content and the viewing experience. Also, plan about the type of content you would be streaming live. For example, are you planning to stream live events, or cover press meetings, Q & A sessions, or interactive sessions with a celebrity, or something else?

Create a Live Streaming Schedule

Live streaming is a real-time viewing experience that people crave for. When creating your streaming schedule, consider the interests of your audience. Make sure you produce live streams that evoke curiosity, anticipation, and excitement. Stick on to a schedule and notify your viewers about it in advance to let your viewers know when to expect you online. Plan out timings of your live sessions such as when you will be streaming live and what the overall content would be about. Let your audience know your live streaming schedule through your website or social platform where they engage normally.

Different Methods to Build a Live Streaming Website

With modern technology and advanced tools at your disposal, it no longer takes long hours of work to create a live streaming website. Let’s explore the main three ways to build your live streaming platform.

Build From Scratch

You can either build your live streaming website from scratch by hiring a development team or build your own platform using WordPress if you are technically sound. Both are elaborate approaches that can cost you a lot of time and money.

Using a SaaS Solution

SaaS solutions are another preferred method to build your live streaming website where the work is already automated for you. These SaaS marketplaces do everything including hosting to create and launch your live streaming website within no time. You can effortlessly create your streaming site with the online tools and configure it based on your requirements. SaaS solutions are relatively affordable and cost a maintenance fee that has to be paid monthly or yearly.

Use a Live Video Streaming Software

The best and the most cost-efficient solution to build your live streaming site is to use a live video streaming software. A live streaming software is a ready-made solution that comes with all essential features needed to create a full-fledged live streaming site according to your requirements. It works as an easy solution to replicate live streaming sites like Twitch and kick start your live streaming journey. With readymade software, you get 100% source code that you can install on as many domains as you like. Unlike a SaaS solution, you can use your own branding for the platform and it comes with just a one-time fee.


Even as the post-pandemic future comes into sight, live streaming events are here to stay. People are getting more accustomed to live broadcasts and becoming more comfortable virtually. Live streaming becoming a natural part of every event is a scope for entrepreneurs to build and establish a live streaming business. The trend of live streaming is here to stay forever and you will miss out on huge business opportunities if you are not investing in the live streaming market. Happy live streaming.

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