5 Tips for Creating a Lead Capture Page in WordPress

Now a day, Creating a lead capture page in WordPress does not have to be a costly. In this post, we’re going to take a look at 5 tips for creating a lead capture page in WordPress. WordPress is the magic tool that has been trusted by millions of users who preferred it over other platforms for their websites and the web-based solutions.

In the contemporary world, getting a WordPress site designed and developed is just a breeze. But in order to get the desirable results like capturing leads just a site is not enough.

Tips for Creating a Lead Capture Page in WordPress

Today each and every business must take measures for capturing more leads. Afterall, email leads are something which will help your business grow and earn more profit.

So let’s first find out what an email lead capture page is!

What is an Email Lead Capture Page?

Lead capture pages are static pages that are on the WordPress site. This page consists of an opt-in form embedded in with the copywriting and marketing message along with the CTAs or Call-to-Actions placed strategically.

This is a simple page to which you can send your visitors so that they can learn more about the free incentives that you offer and signup for them eventually.

Remember that the lead capture pages do not need to be fancy. They just need to send the right message and be optimised for the lead captures.

Here are certain powerful tips for creating lead capture pages that always work. Take a look.

1. Opt for a Static Page Not a Blog Styles Page

A static page is a page that is created without tag or time-stamp or any other tag allocated to it. Amongst other things, the static pages are great for creating the evergreen content. Static pages can be used for creating the pages like About Page, Contact Page, Product Pages, Service Pages, Sales Pages and so on.

2. Create A Persuasive Actionable Headline Title

Ensure that the headline for the lead capture page is compelling, relevant and actionable enough for driving home to the point. Being relevant implies that visitors have no problem in understanding what the page is all about and what it offers.

With the help of a compelling heading it promises to convert the visitor into subscriber. Added to that if the headline is actionable it tells the users to take actions by catering to the needs or showing urgency.

3. Keep the Landing Page Permalink Short

You should keep the URL or Landing Page Permalink short, sweet or relevant. Here are certain examples –

  1. yourwebsite.com/getonboard
  2. yourwebsite.com/jointhetribe
  3. yourwebsite.com/signup

The primary reason for this is that a short URL can be easily remembered. And if your customers do so, they can return to this page later or recommend this to one of their friends. You should also use an action word on the landing page like ‘signupnow’ or ‘getonboard’ or anything else. Get innovative with it!

4. Create an Exceptional Copy for Landing Page

Once the headline is done with, you should back it up with some mindblowing copy for the landing page. Explain to the users all the advantages of being a subscriber. You should convey the incentives in a step by step manner and you should tell the users how they can get the value through the newsletter. This is going to do the trick and you will be able to catch the attention of the users for your email.

5. Keep the Copy Sweet and Short

While it is imperative that you have good copywriting for the landing page email you don’t have to go overboard with the content. Here are certain things that you should keep in mind –

  1. Giveaway the best bits right then and there
  2. Refrain from giving your audience a lot of stuff that can overwhelm or bore them
  3. Make the content scannable, by using shorter paragraphs and avoiding to use too many technical phrases or words

Apart from these, the experts of reputed WordPress development services in India suggest that you should also use video contents and high-resolution images for creating your email lead capture page.

Another thing that you should keep in mind at this point is that you must provide clear-cut way for opting out to your customers. This will boost your brand value and also let your audience know that you do not like spams and their privacy is your priority. For controlling spam your web developers can guide you further.

If you prioritise all these your lead capture page is bound to give you the desired results.

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