10 CSS JavaScript jQuery Modal Popup Window (2019)

Here is a collection of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery modal popup window. jQuery modal popup (dialog boxes) is a great way to show quick information to users. Moreover, dialog boxes arealso used to login popup, alert and confirm popup, and many more. In this article, we would show you, CSS, jQuery modal popup window dialog box with examples and source codes.

Now a day, everyone wants to see the good looking design. Thus, interactive dialogs can help you to make your site feel more modern. Also on the internet, there is a bunch of modal dialog boxes code available that save your plenty of time. Here are some attractive modal dialog boxes.

HTML CSS JavaScript jQuery Modal Popup Window

1. Origami Dialog Effect Modal

Are you looking for something a little different? Step by step button container path replaces into origami path. Thus, it will open the dialog box.

Author: Bhakti Al Akbar
Made with: HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Demo | Download

2. Book Effect Modal Popup

Create unique book effect animation. When clicking on the box it will open the modal window. It seems that you navigate to the next page.

Author: Nastasia
Made with: HTML, CSS, jQuery

Demo | Download

3. Material UI Popup

As the name suggests, popup modal created using Material design. Simply click on the title, and it will open profile link on the modal popup.

Author: Mikael Ainalem
Made with: HTML, CSS

Demo | Download

4. Login Modal Window

This login modal window opens when you page scroll down automatically login popup window open. Later you can open through bottom link.

Author: Mert Cukuren
Made with: HTML, SCSS, JavaScript

Demo | Download

5. Prompt Dialog Box With Background Blur

It is looking very pretty! When you click on “open the dialog” button, it will open Confirm modal popup window. Moreover, used filter property to set a blur background image.

Prompt Dialog with background blur

Author: Tuomas Hatakka
Made with: HTML, SCSS, jQuery

Demo | Download

6. 3D Dialog Modal Popup Window

Are you looking for 3D dialog box? Here is a perfect 3D dialog box. It is more interactive and looking different modal window.

3D Dialog Modal Popup Window

Author: Geza Dombi
Made with: HTML, SCSS, jQuery

Demo | Download

7. Material Design Modal Popup

Beautiful material design popup, click the fancy button to open Modal Popup. Try to enter into the input field, and the placeholder will move to the top of the input.

Material Design Modal Popup - jQuery Modal Popup Window

Author: Patrick Stillhart
Made with: HTML, CSS, jQuery

Demo | Download

8. Colorful Flower Popup Menu

Click on the menu button, and it will open six beautiful popup button to perform further action.

Colorful Flower Popup Menu

Author: Jasper LaChance
Made with: HTML, CSS

Demo | Download

9. Profile Modal Popup

Very simple, click on view profile it will open a modal popup to show detail profiles.

Profile Modal Popup - jQuery Modal Popup Window

Author: Bart Veneman
Made with: HTML, SCSS, jQuery

Demo | Download

10. Pure CSS Modal Window Popup

Clean and nuts pure CSS popup window. When open modal popup, it will cover the full screen.

Author: Mark Holmes
Made with: HTML, SCSS

Demo | Download

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