10 Best ECommerce Marketing Techniques to Optimize Conversion Rates Easily

Conversion rate optimization is a process of improving ecommerce shoping experience and boost your sales. We have discuss, 10 best e-commerce marketing techniques to optimize conversion rates easly. E-Commerce Conversion rate is specify as the percentage of visitors that land on your website and they complete a desired action.

Last year saw the rise of eCommerce sales, although eCommerce was steadily rising the past few years, last year gave it a huge nudge. Consumers spent $861 billion online in last year alone and that figure is only increasing day by day. When we look at it that way, it’s difficult not to compare your startup or business to such figures, but there is a huge difference between your sales strategy and businesses that effectively convert their visitors into loyal customers.

Businesses that are effectively reaching and surpassing their marketing goals are those that have a proper marketing strategy in place. We cannot stress the importance of devising a marketing strategy before embarking on this journey. And only by adding something uniquely engaging can you stand out in the world of eCommerce, where entry is easy for everyone but reach only a few.

10 Best Marketing Techniques to Optimize ECommerce Conversion Rates

Like our social media is filled with the latest and hottest trends, marketing follows a similar pattern. There are some old and gold marketing tactics that are timeless and work for every business, but as we said, if you want to stand out, you need to bring something special to the table that entices your visitors to explore more.

Thus, we have curated a list of some of the most surprising and engaging marketing techniques that can help you shine and inspire you to create your style. If you are a WooCommerce user, this WooCommerce Guide will help you create you if you are a beginner, intermediate, or expert.

Let’s get started!

Down the sales funnel, there are multiple stages where you can engage with your audience and convert them into loyal customers. It starts with awareness > evaluation > intent, which finally leads to a purchase and then loyalty. Keeping this in mind, your marketing strategy should be based on urgency, hype, and customer satisfaction.

Let’s check our list and see which one follows what path of engagement.

1. Upsell Products with Subscriptions

Here we are going to mix something old and effective with something new. We all are well aware of how upselling works. Usually, it is employed at the end of the shopping experience, the checkout page, where customers are shown premium or related products to the ones in their cart so they can upgrade their order or add new items that work well together. This helps in increasing the average order value.

But by incorporating upsells with subscription plans, you can convert your one-time customer into a loyal customer. Many businesses do this by offering the same product at a discounted price for subscribers or members-only, making it exclusive, which entices customers, and saving a few $ is favorable for everyone.

2. Use User-Generated Content

92% of customers trust non-paid recommendations rather than business advertising. That’s a huge percentage and focuses you to rethink your marketing strategy. Well, let me tell you a free one, user-generated content!

By displaying the content your customers post on social media using your product on your Instagram account or website, you can easily attract customers and show them genuine reviews and results of your product. It is effective because it is organic and increases customers’ trust. This is a form of social proof, which entices customers to purchase a product because other people are using it as well.

3. Create Engaging Videos

Blog posts and images are good, but they are not as effective and engaging as videos. With the shorter attention span of the current audience, you need to find interesting ways to increase your customer’s on-page time and help them explore more to increase conversions. Videos are a great tool to do all this.

You can create how-to videos, showcasing your products, how to use them, and their benefits. For example, if you sell makeup cosmetics, you can create videos on how people can glam up using your products. Not only will this increase engagement, but also result in increased sales and better SEO ranking as Google ranks relevant videos higher.

4. Utilize Influencer Marketing on Instagram

Almost 90% of marketers consider ROI from influencer marketing to be comparable or better than other marketing strategies. Rather than reaching out to celebrities to promote your brand, using small influencers can have a larger impact on your sales and conversions.

We have already established the fact that customers trust their peers’ and friends’ recommendations more than the business itself. And influencers are a great source of marketing as they already have a loyal customer base that you can cash in on. And is relatively cheap as well, you can either offer influencers your products or a fee they charge per post or story video. Just make sure that the influencer is relevant to your niche and has the target market you are looking for.

5. Capture with Exit-Intent Popups

Every online store has to deal with cart abandonment, and if you don’t do something about it, you can end up losing 70% of your sales. Cart abandonment is very common and can happen due to a multitude of reasons. Thus, instead of finding solutions to multiple problems, you can utilize exit-intent popups to bring back customers just as they are about to abandon their carts.

When a customer adds items to their cart, they have already reached the intent stage of the sales funnel, and if they are abandoning the cart (due to any reason), you can use a popup to issue a discount on their cart items for a limited period, thus creating urgency. This is a very effective marketing strategy and helps recover most abandoned carts.

6. Host a Giveaway

Do you know the best way to gain audience attention is by giving stuff away for free? Only the word “free” is enough to entice your whole audience to find out more about the deal or giveaway. Hosting a giveaway is a great way to create buzz around your brand and give back to the community.

You can offer a product or multiple products for free in a giveaway, in return asking customers to follow, like, and share your page. You can also collaborate with other brands to participate in a giveaway, thus widening your target reach and dipping into their audience pool as well.

7. Enable Wishlist Discounts

If your website has a wishlist feature, utilize it to maximize your sales. Visitors and customers will most definitely add items to their wish lists in the hopes of buying them when they can, but they never do. And it’s your job to remind them by sending them an email with a catalog of all their wishlist products.

To take this up a notch, offer a discount or coupon on their wishlist items, further enticing them to purchase. This will help aid decision-making and also increase conversions.

8. Send Cart Abandonment Emails

As we discussed earlier that exit-intent popups are used for cart abandonment, you can also utilize email marketing for this purpose. Email marketing is one of the oldest and effective marketing strategies up-to-date and that’s because it works.

You can send emails to your customers reminding them that their abandoned cart is waiting for them. Make sure that you send 3-4 emails with gaps, but don’t be too pushy or clingy that you annoy your customer into never returning. Be creative with your emails, relating to your audience, and assure them of the fears that are stopping them from purchasing from you, such as quality, price, etc. Adding a coupon or discount can also be a great incentive for customers to complete their checkout process.

9. Offer Free Shipping

Free shipping has been categorized as the no.1 incentive for 9 out of 10 customers to shop online more. Offering free shipping on your store is a great way to increase sales and conversions.

How many times have you placed items on your cart, reached the checkout point, and abandoned your cart due to excessive shipping charges? I have! At this crucial moment, you can nudge your customers with a notification, stating that they need to make their order value a certain amount to avail of free shipping, and I assure you that many people will take you up on this offer.

10. Display Customer Reviews

Another form of social proof that is effective in building trust among your audience is customer reviews. 88% of consumers read customer reviews before making a purchase. As online shopping requires trust, it is a key factor that you have to create to increase sales and conversions.

By displaying customer reviews on strategic places such as landing pages, individual product pages, or emails, you can show the impact your product has on users and gain the credibility and trust of your target audience.


Whether you are a startup or own a big business, you all must have employed the same marketing strategies, but these strategies are not one-size-fits-all and it isn’t necessary that what works for one, will work for you. That’s why you need to keep experimenting and applying new strategies to see which leads to the most conversions if that’s your goal.

These above-mentioned unique marketing strategies are sure to change your marketing game and bring something new and exciting to work on.

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