How to Change Currency in Odoo 12

In this article, you will see how to change the currency in Odoo 12 for E-Commerce. You need to enable the multi-currency feature from Admin panel. This features especially for the developer to testing Odoo Shop in many different currencies. However, the production environment only a rare case to change their Odoo e-commerce store currency.

Odoo 12, when you create a new database you have to choose a country field. However, it is optional, but if you select a country Odoo installation will initialize as per country region. Default currency set as per selected currency. In contrast, if you do not choose a country, Odoo installation will initialize and default currency set USD. So here we consider this scenario and see how to change the default currency in Odoo 12.

Let’s assume our default currency USD and we want to change it JPY currency in our Odoo E-Commerce store.

How to Change Currency in Odoo 12

Let us start how we can change it by mentioned the following steps.

Activate Developer Mode

First, you have to activate developer mode. Go to menu Settings → Dashboard. Click on Activate the developer mode link.

Activate Developer Mode

Enable Multi Currencies

Navigate to menu Settings → Users & Companies → Users. Open administrator user and enable multi currencies rights.

Enable Multi Currencies to Change Currency in Odoo 12

Install Sale Management Module

Go to Apps → search and install sale_management module.

Install Sale Module

Activate New Currency

Go to menu Settings → Invoicing → Configuration → Currencies to activate new currency.

Activate New Currency to Change Currency in Odoo 12

Enable Multiple Sale Pricelist

Next, go to Sale → Configuration → Settings. Here, you need to enable multiple sale pricelist. Once you enable these Pricelists menu will show in the Product menu.

Enable Multiple Sale Pricelist

Open Pricelists

Navigate to Sale → Products → Pricelists. Select and open Public Pricelist record.

Open Pricelists to Change Currency in Odoo 12

Select New Currency

This is the final step to choose the new currency. It will reflect on the Odoo Store.

Update pricelist with new currency

Lastly, go to the Website → Go to Website. Click on shop menu. Here you see new currency is enabled for an e-commerce store.

New Currency in Odoo e-commerce

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