How To Increase Website Speed by 270% In Under 45 Minutes

Everyone want website to load quickly, and if they don’t, we will leave. Today we discuss how to increase website speed by 270% under 45 Minutes. Speed is a primary factor to keep a use, who visits your website for the first time. Consequently, you can boost your website using CDN (Content delivery network), which helps to deliver static content to users faster.

What is CDN?

A CDN is a network server, which is located in multiple geographic locations. When a user accesses a website, content is load from the nearest server location. Thus, CDN can make an efficient way to increase page speed. We strongly suggest, to use Cloudflare CDN for your website.

What is Cloudflare?

Cloudflare is a company that provides CDN, and many other services provide. In short, Cloudflare is a “supercharges” your website. Cloudflare offers free CDN for your website on even the free plan they offer. Even more, Cloudflare has almost 180 data centers spread across the globe. Furthermore, Cloudflare caches your website content. As a result, your website loads faster with amazing speed. You can speed up your website up to 270%.

4 Way a Cloudflare CDN can Increase Your Website Speed

  1. The fast loading speed of your website.
  2. Protection from DDoS Attacks (Ability to Handle Traffic Spikes)
  3. Increased bandwidth savings
  4. Improve SEO – CDN can also improve your search engine rankings and optimization

What happened after moved to Cloudflare?

After moving our website to Cloudflare, it will increase our website speed up to 270%. You can check the first column, “Load Time”. We use to test our website speed.

Before Using Cloudflare
before using Cloudflare
Load Time 6.456s
After Using Cloudflare
Increase website speed after using Cloudflare
Load Time 2.389s

How To Set Up All

You do not need to install any software. Or you have not change your hosting company. You need to point your DNS to Cloudflare server (See below Step 5). Thus Cloudflare act as a middle layer between visitor and server.

Boost Your Website Speed Using Free Cloudflare CDN – Setup Guide

Following are the step for how to use CDN on your website using Cloudflare.

Step 1

Go to and sign up new account. Next, you have to add your website in Cloudflare.

Add your site in Cloudflare - How To Increase Website Speed

Step 2

After adding your website, this screen will show Cloudflare will scan the DNS records of your website. Click on Next button.

Cloudflare scan DNS record - How To Boost Your Website Speed

Step 3

Here, you have to choose a plan for your account. You have to select a free plan, or you can continue with different tiers plan. Click on the Confirm Plan button once you choose.

Cloudflare select plan

Step 4

You will see Cloudflare DNS query scan results for your website. You need to check it all DNS record carefully. If you found any record missing, then please add manually. Next click on the Continue button.

Cloudflare DNS search query result

Step 5

Now, you come to change your Nameservers page. Cloudflare suggests your new nameservers in following way. Also, You will see the instruction of how to update the Nameservers of your domain name. Similarly, you need to go your domain provider. For example, Godaddy and modify domain nameservers address with new nameservers.

Change nameservers

Step 6

After updating Nameservers, click on Continue button. Here Cloudflare takes some time to activate your site. Once Cloudflare activate your website, you will find following menu options.

Cloudflare menu

Probably, within 45 minutes CDN will enable on your website across globe. In Cloudflare, navigate to Analytics menu. You can analyze website traffic, performance, and many other stats.


Cloudflare analyse total request

Performance – Bandwidth Overview

Cloudflare analyse bandwidth performance

Final Thoughts

That all you need to know for how to increase website speed using Cloudflare CDN. Also, we discuss four-way to Cloudflare CDN can speed up your website. Also, we check website speed test result. Lastly, we are going through steps by step tutorial for how to activate Cloudflare CDN. Even more, you can track and analyze website traffic, security, performance in Cloudflare. Finally, Happy Cloudflare with supercharge your website for free!

We hope you have found this article helpful. Let us know your questions or feedback if any through the comment section is below. You should subscribe to our newsletter and get notified when we publish new articles for free. Even more, you can explore here other interesting articles.

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