How to Learn Programming For Beginners – How to Start Coding

Do you want to learn programming? We are discuss in this article, How to learn Programming For beginners. Learning to code is a modern new skill that is popular these days. You have follow some common approach. For example, buy some programming related books, explore on-line blog post, or you have enroll on-line tutorial course to learn Programming.

For beginners, it is a million-dollar question right now and I assure you that you will find the answer here.

If you still have some doubts about becoming a programmer, let’s talk about the hefty paychecks that they are receiving. According to the latest statistics, the median package of an average software developer is somewhere around $132,000 per annum. If that doesn’t trigger your attention, I guess you may want to reconsider!

Learn Programming Fundamentals

Now that I have your attention, it’s safe to say that you won’t leave here until you are satisfied with all the steps that this article has laid down for you.

The tips that follow this section are the ones used by aspiring Java programmers and now it’s your time to reap some benefits while you can. So let’s go!

1. Learn by Doing

Let’s brace it, the more you play with the code, more you learn. Besides, Java language is among the easiest languages to get familiar with. You don’t have to remember the syntax or the keywords; rather it’s similar to writing a script in plain and simple English language.

At this point, you may be thinking about dozens of online channels which you can use to become an adept Java programmer. Before taking the leap of faith, why don’t I guide you towards platforms using which you can learn the basics leading up to equipping yourself with advanced concepts?


Learn Java online

Nobody wants to get enrollment in a boring non-interactive learning course which contains only video lectures.

CodeGym identified this barrier and removed it by offering such a diverse platform where learning is no different than playing an online game. The only difference is, you actually get to learn Java online via this platform.

Interesting fact about CodeGym is, it contains 40 learning levels and each level comprises 15-30 learning tasks. After passing each level, you get “dark matter” as a reward. With this reward in hand, you can keep unlocking upcoming levels and this is how you learn the basics of Java programming.


CodeChef: Competitive Programming | Participate & Learn

When it comes to a platform which can be used by beginners and mid-level programmers alike, CodeChef is the one that comes to mind.

This online application contains 6 levels titled as, beginner, easy, medium, hard, challenge, and peer. Under every level, there are numerous problem statements listed which you can use to practise your skill of programming over the time. Furthermore, practising to learn via CodeChef, not only teaches you the fundamentals of Java programming, it also prepares you for programming competitions.

As a newbie, you can start with the beginner’s tab and start playing with the code. If you get stuck somewhere, you will find the support documentation on the same platform.


CodeWar - Achieve mastery through challenge

Ever heard of the term “Kata”?

This is what makes CodeWars interesting. “Kata” is basically a Japanese term which refers to a certain choreographed pattern which fighters form right before engaging in a group fight.

CodeWars actually employs the same logic by allowing you to sharpen your java programming skills by practising Kata. This platform works on the relative level of advancement. Once you complete a level, your rank keeps on increasing and you earn honors and awards. Eventually, you attain such a level which gives you an extra feature of creating your own Kata for the upcoming beginners to practise and learn.

2. Grasp the Programming Fundamentals

Clearing out the fundamental concepts of Java programming language is all that it takes to ensure swift learning. Just like any other programming language, Java is quite well-endowed with its own jargon. There are dozens of reserved keywords and terminologies that you should get familiar with.

If you simply think that writing the code is sufficient, rest assured you will get nowhere unless you have a complete idea in mind about the functions that you are using. Furthermore, ignoring the fundamentals of Java programming language will bring about lots of hurdles which you won’t be able to cross. The list of fundamentals includes all the building blocks of Java programming language which constitute its paradigm.

Your take from this step should be, not to skip even a single tutorial rather keep an eye out if you missed anything earlier and come back to it and conclude it properly.

3. Code By Hand & Sharpen Your Proficiency

The more you code by hand, more you keep on making progress at writing a bug-free code. Even more so, coding by hand gives your code a refined structure. If you code frequently then compare your code with the guy who seldom codes and you will notice the difference.

Another really important benefit that many learning aspirants don’t even care about is that many companies check your ability to write code by hand. How else are you going to develop the skill if you are not even taking out some time to code by hand? If you are working on improving your coding skills on a daily basis, the probability of getting hired in a prestigious firm is absolutely quite high.

4. Don’t Just Read the Sample Code – Tinker With It!

By “tinkering” with the code, we don’t really want you to mess things up, rather it means you should try implementing the same solution in more than one way.

Let’s elaborate with an example. Suppose you are watching a tutorial which is teaching you how to add two numbers in Java code. The same tutorial will provide a pseudo-code as well. If you really want to learn, try going beyond the boundaries of that pseudo-code and make sure you achieve the results by adding not just two numbers, rather adding a bunch of numbers.

5. Take Breaks When Debugging Code

According to Andrew Hunt, the author of Pragmatic Programmer, “No one in the brief history of computing has ever written a piece of perfect software. It’s unlikely that you’ll be the first”.

This is something to ponder upon and accept the reality that no one can write a perfect piece of code but the best can always fix the problem in that code. Debugging and investigating a certain code script can be a tedious task indeed, it’s not impossible. If you are facing a particular issue with your code, just go out and blow off some steam. Another great idea is to sleep on it, wake up the next day, do some research and start fixing it afresh. It’s highly likely that you will fix the problem.

Stuck Somewhere? Let’s Find Out Some Help

Learning Java programming and not coming across dead-ends, is totally unthinkable. Let’s just say that you got to a point where you are at the crossroads or worse, you have no idea how to make your code work? Rest assured, there is a lot of help on social media channels particularly Reddit.

Follow any of the following subreddits, post any of your programming related problems and get instant help:

Now that you have asked for help related to programming, not mentioning the all-time favorite i.e. Stack Overflow, would be simply wrong. Another resourceful channel that you can consult is Slack. It has lots of groups, normally known as channels which you can become a member of and ask for help whenever needed.

Wrapping Up

On the road that leads you to become a successful Java programmer in near future, you may encounter your fair share of bumps. The key to remove all such hurdles is to ensure that you are practising everything that you are learning. Simply watching the videos or reading about how it’s done, isn’t going to lead you anywhere. You must get hands-on experience!

It’s your fingers which act as a brain when it comes to learning any programming language. Let’s gear up and get cracking on writing the very first script in Java!

We hope you have found this article helpful. Let us know your questions or feedback if any through the comment section in below. You can subscribe our newsletter and get notified when we publish new articles for free. Moreover, you can explore here other interested articles.

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