What is Responsive Web Design and Why Do You Need It

Responsive web design is a web development approach that creates dynamic changes to the appearance of a website. Responsive web design depending on the device’s screen size and orientation to view it. In this article, we are going to see what is a responsive web design and Why do you need it. Why is responsive design so important? The importance of responsive web design is that it offers an optimized browsing experience.

Essentially, websites will look excellent and work well on a desktop (or laptop), a tablet, and a mobile browser. Now you can understand why responsive web design has a significant role in building websites. Now a day, a mobile responsive website is the first demand for every client.

Why is Responsive Web Design So Important?

The world right now is almost taken over by the internet. Almost all human beings have access to the world wide web and not only through a PC like it was in earlier times. Nowadays people can access the world wide web from any and every location and also on whatever devices that they have. And this has helped many businesses to spread their wings in the digital advertising platform. But just advertising about their business or company on the internet is not enough in today’s time.

The businesses and companies also have to make sure that their customers can access as well as buy products or services online. And for that purpose, every company or business now must have an online website.

But only having a website is not enough, and that is because you will have to make your website in such a way that it is not only user friendly and efficient but will also have to make sure that the customers can access their website through any and every device. There are many devices that customers can use to view your website be it a mobile phone or a laptop, or maybe a tablet or even a smart television. And along with being accessible on every kind of device the company or the business also has to ensure that it is supported on all kinds of operating systems be it android, iOS or any other system.

But what does responsive web design want to see and really mean?

Well, it is pretty easy to understand what responsive web design actually means. It basically means that a website that along with being compatible on each and every device as well as platform can also adjust itself automatically in regard to size of the texts, resolution as well as pixelation.

And this is important because if you as a customer are looking at a website on your laptop and it is very amazing and eye-catching and also at the same time very user friendly but now you once again take a look at the same website through a different device, let’s say a mobile phone.

However, when you view the same website on your phone the website does not look the same and also does not work with the same ease then as a customer you will be without a doubt disappointed. And that is the sole reason why a web design should be responsive, that is to please the customer in every form.

But where did the term responsive web design come from and what are its main principles?

The term responsive web design was first coined by Ethan Marcotte, and along with coining the term he was the person who defined it as well. And this is a very important term in today’s time when one is trying to develop a website for their business or company. Because if the website that they create is not flexible as well as responsive then customers will not be eager to use that website, which in turn leads to a loss for the company overall.

However, it will also affect the business or company on a greater scale because nowadays almost everyone uses online methods to buy or do things and they also feel that, that is the easiest way to do things too, so if you can not carter to the large population of customers present online then you company or business is going to go on loss.

Now that we know the importance of a responsive web design along with some basic information about it. Let us look at the three most basic principles to make any website a responsive web design.

1. Flexible Grids

Flexible grids basically mean that the website should be able to resize itself depending upon what kind of device it is on. That is if the website is opened on a laptop or even on a smart TV which obviously has a wide screen the website should not look stretched out or if the website is accessed on a mobile phone whose screen is obviously quite a lot smaller than the laptop screen, then the website should not look way too compressed, to much to the point that it becomes difficult to use.

Thus, the flexible grids help with just that, it lets your website fit the screen according to the device it is on. And it does so because it uses CSS and percentages as compared to other platforms of tools that use pixels for images.

2. Media Queries

Media queries also help your website to recognize the device and fit the screen according to the device it is accessed on. It automatically stretches or compresses according to the device and also makes sure that the quality remains the same.

3. Flexible Media

Now along with the website as a whole one has to focus on the images used in the website too. Hence, flexible media makes sure that the images used in the website also changes dimensions according to the device it is on. And this device or tool helps the media or images to adjust with the help of CSS overflow and scaling.

To make sure that their website is compatible on every platform many businesses and companies are hiring developers who can develop a responsive web design will be eager to use. One of the leading Indian company from India provide the responsive web design and other related web development related services.

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