Understand the Basics of Link Remediation, Link Removals & Disavows

In-depth SEO analysis, remediation, removal, and disavowing of toxic links is a critical part of a modern SEO. Understand the Basics of Link Remediation, Link Removals & Disavows. There are a number of efforts of optimization which will keep you on the top of SEO. These include some processes that are regular and some tasks that are critical like disavows, link removals and link remediation. All these need to be understood by the SEO people. If in Google Analytics and Google Search Console there is a sudden drop in traffic then we can understand the utility of all the above steps.

There is a possibility that a manual penalty that is exhaustive has hit you or there is a demotion of the algorithm or you may have been hit by a Penguin penalty. If the saturation and link velocity are of higher level then there can be a loss in the value of your site and this can be because of SEO attacks that are of negative type.

Link Remediation, Link Removals & Disavows

When the guidelines of Google Webmaster are not followed by some links then we can say that these links are toxic. Understanding the link remediation basics is very important if you are interested in recovering from Penguin penalty.

Various ways of discovering a devaluation in algorithm

There is no need to think about how to adjust spam signals based ranking because of the devaluation of the spam which has affected the ranking of the whole site. You will find that so much granularity is present in the Penguin algorithm. Rather than the entire domain getting penalized by Google you will find that the website’s some part has been penalized.

Penguin will affect a keywords’ group, a subdirectory, a page or a domain. Each of these can be separately penalized by Google. The complete website will not be penalized by Google. There can be a number of reasons for algorithmic drop in the traffic contributing web pages. It can occur because of various reasons:

  • The traffic contributing page has been removed by you.
  • Sending so much traffic is not possible because of the penalty imposed on your site.

Will you call it a manual penalty or an algorithm devaluation?

Google Search Console and Google Analytics will help you in identifying whether a manual penalty has hit you or an algorithmic devaluation has hit you. But for this you need to:

  • Go to Google Analytics
  • Go to Acquisition
  • Click on All Traffic
  • Click on Channels
  • Go to Organic Search

In the form of a primary dimension, clicking on the landing page will be your next step. Clicking on the keyword is recommended if you want more granularity. Click on Secondary dimension so that in the form of secondary dimension you consider the landing page. Click on Landing Page so as to search the landing page.

Analysis of traffic on Google Search Console

Your site can get traffic with the help of the search queries so that analysis of the traffic can be done in a more granular way. But for this you need to:

  • Go to Performance button
  • Go to +New
  • Go to page
  • Go to URLs Containing

You may want to search for a particular page name and this needs to be typed next.

Now the traffic may be lost by certain pages which you will see in the next section.

You need to go to Google Search Console if Google Analytics can’t give you results that are proper or are full of suspicion. This will help you in identifying the pages that currently do not drive traffic but were earlier doing that.

Link Analysis

The link profile that you have or your site may be having a number of links pointing to it. In order to perform a detailed review, you need to perform link analysis.

What will you do if a manual penalty has hit you?

The Google Search Console will send you notification if a manual penalty has hit you. For recovering the links suggested by the spam team the Google Search Console’s instructions need to be followed by you.

How will you perform remediation of the link?

If by using a different name you prune links then this process is known as remediation of links. You have to create a spreadsheet and put in the links that you crawl. If the link type is spam, then you need to mark it. This process will be considered as tedious and slower.

Removing those spammy links that are toxic

The toxic links that are created need to be removed as per the guidelines of Google. Removing these links as per the webmaster guidelines is recommended. Disavowing these links will be a good idea if you are unable to remove these.

For what purpose a disavow file is created?

At the time of your site’s evaluation there is no need to count some of the site’s links. This information will be given to Google through this file.

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