Miami car accident: How to find the right attorney?

The aftermath of a car crash in Miami can be more overwhelming and shocking than the accident itself. Florida is a no-fault state, which means you have to turn to your insurer to claim compensation for your injuries. There are a few limited circumstances when you can sue the at-fault driver for their action. Hiring the right Miami car accident attorney can make a big difference to the case’s outcome. In this post, we have a few tips for choosing a reliable attorney. 

Ask questions

As a client, you can ask for a free appointment with personal injury lawyers in the city. Most law firms would be happy to offer an assessment of your case, and this is a good opportunity to know the attorney better. It would help if you asked questions like – 

  1. How long have you been working in Miami as an injury lawyer?
  2. How often do you take car accident cases and claims in your practice?
  3. Based on preliminary evidence, what are the strengths and weaknesses of my case?
  4. Can I sue the other driver? 
  5. What should I expect in a settlement?

A good lawyer would try to educate you on the car accident laws in Florida and answer your questions without being frustrated. 

Watch out for the red flags

The experience and expertise of a lawyer are key aspects of winning a car accident claim. However, no lawyer can ever promise a fixed settlement. If you are interviewing injury lawyers in Miami or Florida for the first time, watch out for red flags like – 

  1. Too many promises 
  2. Asking for an upfront fee
  3. Not talking about their experience
  4. Hesitant in sharing references
  5. Lack of good reviews

Online reviews posted by other clients can be handy for comparing lawyers in Miami. If a personal injury law firm has too many bad reviews, it could indicate their shoddy work and performance. 

The fee of an attorney

All car accident lawyers work on a contingency fee. The fee is a fixed percentage of your recovery but is only payable when you win. Ask the attorney about their fee in advance, and don’t shy away from negotiating the same. Also, there could be other expenses related to pursuing the car accident claim, such as investigation costs. Ask the lawyer if they can advance the expenses until you win a settlement. 

Hire a lawyer soon after the car accident so that you can gather evidence and work on the claim immediately.

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