Learn From The Simple WordPress Guide For Beginners

Are you interest to learn WordPress? In this article, you will learn from the simple WordPress guide for beginners. People who want to create their own blogs or websites, need to learn WordPress. It is without a doubt the most popular way for creating blogs. The user base of this platform is quite loyal and dedicated. This online tool is meant for open source website building. It is based on two programming languages – MySQL and PHP.

WordPress Guide For Beginners

WordPress is also often referred to as CMS or Content Management System. This system powers more than 75 million sites. Anybody can use certain aspects of their services free of cost! The topmost ranking sites happen to use WordPress as well.

Different Types of Website Creation

With the help of WordPress, you will be able to create many different types of websites. It powers a great number of blogs and business sites. This popular hosting platform is also highly efficient in creating eCommerce stores. Some of the different types of websites that you can easily create with the help of this software are:

  • Portfolios
  • Social networks
  • Forums
  • Resumes
  • Membership sites
  • Personal websites
  • Job board blogs

Reasons Why WordPress is Popular

It is no doubt that WordPress is the most popular hosting platform. This is mostly because it is quite simple and easy to use WordPress. However, there are many other reasons why people use WordPress for creating so many different kinds of content. Some of these important reasons are:

  • WordPress is open-source and free of cost. This means that anybody can edit and improve the WordPress code as per the preferences of the users.
  • WordPress features many free themes, plugins, tools, and widgets.
  • The impressive features of WordPress allow users to create all sorts of websites.
  • This software also supports every hosting platform with the help of its two major programming languages.
  • New versions of this system constantly improves its overall performance, security and includes many new features.
  • WordPress also has a community with discussions and dedicated forums on the internet.

Understanding WordPress CMS

As we already know that the most advanced term people use for WordPress is CMS. Now, we need to understand what exactly CMS is. Also, it is important to learn all about the major components and features of CMS to get an idea about its system. This API can create, edit, modify, as well as publish any digital content. This system also happens to support multiple users so that they can work together in collaboration.

It is very much possible to create plenty of administrative users in WordPress that would have different privileges. This management system includes features like formatting and text as well. So, it is capable of uploading photos, videos, maps, codes, and audios. There are two major components that this system consists of. These two components are CMA or Content Management Application and CDA, that is, Content Delivery Application. These components are responsible for performing different functions. Some of the other major features of CMS are:

  • Online communities and support
  • Various designs and templates
  • Functions like user or group
  • Upgrades/Updates and installation wizards
  • URLs that are Seo-friendly

People often get confused between using either WordPress.org and WordPress.com. These are the two most important ways to host a WordPress site. To know which one to use, you need to learn the basic difference between the two.

1. WordPress.com

It is actually a paid service that is meant for profit. The API WordPress.org powers this service. It is quite easy to use but is not flexible enough compared to WordPress.org.

2. WordPress.org

This software is self-hosted and is free to use. You can use this web host if you wish to create a website that you own.

Most people prefer using WordPress API that is self-hosted. This is, thus, one of the best options available for anybody who wants to create blogs and articles.

Who Uses WordPress Software?

Individuals and Big businesses use WordPress. Many other entities who are quite well-known also use WordPress. The official website of Whitehouse, Rolling Stones, and Microsoft also uses WordPress. We have already mentioned the reasons why most people use WordPress. In a way, it is one of the best possible ways to build any type of website. So, all you need to do is install WordPress and navigate into the administrator dashboard. Finally, you will be able to publish your content.

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