3 Best SEO Strategies for an Escape Room Business

Want to know 3 best SEO strategies for an escape room business? Here we discussed best 3 SEO strategies for an escape room business. The internet currently has over 1.74 billion websites. This indicates how much competition it is for any website to attract visitors and promote their business. But whenever you look something up on your search engine, there are a few websites that pop up and appear on the top.

How does that happen? Why some websites brag the first position when you search something up, and others don’t?

An Introduction to SEO

Search engine optimization is an essential digital marketing tool. SEO comprises a lot of different components like keywords, content, local SEO, search engine marketing, and off-page SEO.

The reason why SEO is so important is that it makes your website more visible to people, which means more web-traffic, therefore, more customers for your business. Also, it is an essential tool for positioning yourself as a trustworthy professional in your field, for brand awareness, and for building a professional relationship with the customers.

Importance of SEO in Modern Business

1. Be At The Top

SEO is essential for increasing your visibility. This implies that whenever a prospect searches for something that your brand has to offer, they might be able to find your brand.

Visibility is directly proportional to the ranking!

The higher your rank is on a search engine result page (SERP), the more likely it is that the prospects can see you and click on your site.

If your SEO is good, you will be more visible and rank higher, which is pretty essential because one-fourth of the web users never click past the 1st SERP.

2. Attract More Prospects

One of the top goals of SEO is to attract more prospects to your website.

Almost 33% of the web users click on the 1st ranking page, and nearly 75% of the web users go to the first five listings.

Therefore, it is essential that your website is among the top five listings to attract more web traffic.

3. Optimize Your Website to Provide a Better User Experience

SEO helps in increasing the usability of your site and makes your site responsive. It is also really important that your site loads fast because this will help decrease your bounce rate and make the visitors spend more time on your webpage.

FACT – Almost 50% of the costumers expect a webpage to load in less than two seconds; therefore, the higher the load time, the higher the bounce rate, and the lower will be your conversions.

4. The Necessity to Have a High Authority

The concept of authority is fairly new but is becoming increasingly popular. Authority means that the website is trustworthy, relevant, has high quality, and has something to offer.

The more authority your brand has, the higher your ranking would be and therefore more prospects will have faith in your brand.

Essential SEO Strategies for Escape Room Business

Now that we have realized how SEO can help expand a business and is free for anyone to use, here are three strategies that will help your business grow by attracting more web traffic.

1. Revamp Your Site Titles and the Meta Descriptions

It is essential to have a clear title and a brief description of the contents of the website. (Meta-description).

The site title helps the readers to understand what the main subject of the paragraph is about and the meta-description aids the readers to know what the content of the site is.

For your escape room business for a birthday party, your homepage title and Meta description must include the following:

  • The name of your company
  • The city in which you are located
  • And the fact that you are an escape room brand

2. Choose Those Keywords Which Have Demonstrated High ‘Buying Intent’ Over Volume

Keywords are words that help prospects to find online content and the words that brands use to connect with prospects that are looking for their services/products. Keywords should be carefully chosen, judiciously used, and well-researched to be effective.

For example, you run a large escape room business in LA. Would you rather rank for “the best corporate team building activities in LA” or “10 escape rooms that opened this year in LA?”

It is better if you chose the 1st keyword over the 2nd one. This is because even though it isn’t specifically about escape rooms- it is loaded with high buying/search intent. If you have a landing page or a detailed blog post on your website talking about your team building programs for corporate events, there is a high probability that people who found your page from Google will consider booking their next team building activity with your escape room.

Contrary to this, the second keyword will likely generate more search traffic and volume, but the level of conversion won’t be high. People searching for this keyword might be anyone from consumers looking for new escape rooms to an entrepreneur who is looking to start his/her own escape room business. There is very minimal buying intent with the second keyword.

PRO TIP – There is a lot of free and paid keyword search tools available that might help you target the right keywords for your business, like SEM Rush, Neil Patel, etc.

3. Decreasing The Load Time Of Your Site And Making It Secure

As mentioned earlier, more than 50% of the web-users expect the site to load within 2 seconds. This highlights how important it is for your site to load faster. Even if you spend time and optimize your site to appear at top of SERP and your site doesn’t load fast, it would be of no use.

Also, it is important to make sure that your site is easy to navigate on laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

PRO TIP – Google’s free page-speed insights can be used to know your site’s load time as well as suggestions on how to decrease the load time.


To sum it up, in this digital era, SEO is extremely useful in helping you achieve your business goals and grow as a brand. It helps to give you an edge over the competition and drive more people to your site which helps in building a bigger customer base.

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