3 Technology Hacks for Your Business Growth

Technological advancements in numerous business tools and solutions have provided many opportunities for businesses to achieve growth and success. More than the ability to foster, technology can also help enhance and make business processes and procedures much more bearable and easier for owners and employees.

The varying business ways and methods associated with technology have driven many businesses to use advanced tools and solutions to keep up with fast-paced changes and trends in the industry. With that, technology hacks have become relevant to most businesses today. What are these technology hacks, and how are they significant to your business’ growth? Continue reading to learn more.

1. Digital Marketing is the Key

As most people continuously use technology in daily life processes, keeping an eye on how to use digital marketing effectively has been one of the keys to business growth. Digital marketing is seen as a lifelong technological medium to connect and engage with the target market or even broader reach. Thus, making it useful to generate more interest and brand building.

The advanced tools and mediums associated with digital marketing, including social media platforms and search engine technologies, enable businesses to easily transition or expand from a traditional business model to e-commerce. That means businesses can provide their product and services online, optimizing the consumer experience and overall convenience, all while growing business reach.

Given the numerous advantages of digital marketing, businesses worldwide have opted to use related solutions and strategies. In the U.S., over 90% of businesses use digital content and advertising marketing to achieve higher lead growth and local-to-global reach in 2022. In the same year, this generated more than 400 billion dollars in spending alone on digital marketing among the country’s businesses.

Similar intensive use of digital marketing was reflected in Australia. According to the latest data provided by Statista, search advertising is among the most used digital marketing mediums in Australia, which generated a 5.5 million dollar market volume at the start of 2023 and is still expected to grow to more than 12.7 billion by the end of the year.

These figures show how digital marketing plays a vital role in the business’ growth. Thus, trusted digital marketing services like Gorilla 360 Newcastle, Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne are highly in-demand. These agencies provide numerous effective digital marketing choices to help businesses achieve tangible results in no time with their advertising and optimization strategies.

2. Utilize Data

Understanding your business, its influence, and how the market sees it enables you to oversee what works and does not. A data-driven business allows more opportunities for sales growth and improved business operation through the use of real existing and evidence-based data from your market’s insight. Moreover, a data-driven approach allows the creation of well-planned decisions and actions, effectively achieving business goals and objectives.

How can technology play a role in acquiring data? Business analytics uses various techniques and methods to analyze, explore, and investigate data collected for the business. This data can generate solutions to existing business problems. Some methods used for the business’ data collection include the following:

  • Online Survey. Digital or online surveys encompass structured questionnaires that can measure customer feedback about the service, product quality, business website experience, etc. Online surveys can make data collection easier and faster as the distribution process ensures accessibility to the target audience.
  • Transactional Tracking. The transactional tracking method allows you to monitor business transactions from start to finish. This data will help you know successful transaction rates and identify customer satisfaction gaps. This data collection commonly uses tracking software applications directly connected to your company website.
  • Phone Interview. A phone interview can be a great method if you want direct feedback about your business’s quality and services. This method allows businesses to gain information about user-first experiences. Moreover, phone interviews are also of great use in determining new product interests.

3. Make Use of Productivity Software

The people working in your business significantly impact productivity and overall business operations. Productivity software or application is a tool used to enhance work quality and productivity. These software tools allow task automation to ensure the efficiency and accuracy of outputs from workers.

Additionally, productivity software helps enhance communication within the company with its collaborative features, easily enabling sharing of docs and other necessary files from one employee to another. Thus, making business operations easier to manage and monitor.

Productivity tools like word documents, spreadsheets, slides, online conference applications, and many others are some helpful tools a business can use to enhance operations and acquire fresh ideas for business growth.


Technology can provide unending benefits and ways to help businesses grow and survive. Given the tough competition in the industry, exploring advanced ways to enhance your business can be a smart way to ensure lifelong growth and success. Trying the above-mentioned technology hacks will allow you to determine what can work better for your business and generate solutions and improvements for your business in no time.

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