Static HTML or WordPress: What is Best for Your Business

Want to build a corporate website but don’t know where to begin? You can either choose static HTML or WordPress to create your website. In this article we will discuss What is best for your business static HTML or WordPress. We will compare the characteristics of WordPress and HTML for your business website in this article. Also, find more details about both platforms and what their share of benefits is.

Which is Better HTML or WordPress

What is WordPress?

WordPress is an open-source platform. This content management system allows you to control your website very easily. You can make all of the improvements to your website from an admin area that is simple enough for even complete beginners to understand. It’s crucial not to mix up and is an open-source content management framework.

Let us have a  look into the different pros and cons of WordPress.

Benefits of using WordPress

  • Easy to Upgrade – You can quickly update your WordPress platform without having to pay a developer. WordPress is easy to use with a user interface that is intuitive and makes it easy to create web pages and update them.
  • Ready-made Templates – You have thousands of ready-made templates available on your website.
  • Extremely Versatile – Plugins make it easier to customize WordPress websites. You can add some features to your current website by installing plugins, such as a contact form, a reservation system, a photo gallery, and more.
  • Total control and possession – You maintain complete ownership of your website, including the domain name and all of its contents. You have full control over the changes you make, and there is no limit to how trafficked or used your site can become.

Disadvantages of using WordPress

  • Learning Curve – While WordPress is simple to use, most beginners may take some time to get used to it. There is plenty of assistance available to help you rapidly overcome this learning curve, but it will take some effort.
  • Maintenance – You will be responsible for maintaining WordPress, installed plugins, and updated themes.

Static HTML Website

HTML is used to build websites for a long time. Many websites on the internet use HTML and a range of languages to create web pages. To build an HTML website for your company, you’ll almost always need to hire a web developer. HTML websites, store all of their content in static archives. You can also convert static HTML to WordPress themes.

Benefits of using Static HTML

  • Little or No Maintenance – Once your website is up and running, you won’t need to install any updates or back it up on a regular basis.
  • Low Requirements – HTML websites do not require PHP or MySQL to be installed on the server. They can be run on a low-cost server with limited resources.

Disadvantages of using Static HTML

  • No Updates – If you don’t know HTML/CSS, it can be difficult to change static HTML websites. Even basic tasks, like adding new pages, updating existing content, or uploading videos or images, require a developer to be hired.
  • No Additional Features – You will have to pay for your company if you want to add a store, survey or questionnaire, a gallery, or something else.
  • Costs – Because you’ll have to employ people for even minor tasks, the cost of an HTML website could be far higher than the cost of a WordPress website.

WordPress vs HTML

We now have a clearer view of the benefits and drawbacks of both WordPress and HTML websites. Let us look at the best option for the website of your company. You can find an HTML website if you’re certain that you won’t edit, change or add any new material to your website. If you want complete control over your website and don’t want to pay monthly retainers to developers to add images, WordPress is the best option. You can also convert static HTML to WordPress themes.

WordPress is the way to move forward for those who want to expand their business website and make more money.

If you’re using WordPress, you can keep your customers updated with a blog section, or you can create your own email list to continue bringing in new customers. You’ll be joining a worldwide group of companies that use WordPress to handle their online presence. Every day, you’ll find plenty of free support, resources, software, and plugins to help you develop your company.

You would be able to spend the money on developing your company instead of paying developers a lot of money for small items.

How Do You Get Your Business Website Started With WordPress?

You will have to register for a WordPress hosting account to get started. There are companies that host websites on their servers. WordPress can be installed very easily by anybody. Following the installation, you must choose a theme for your website. The essential WordPress plugins for business websites may also be helpful for you.

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