Showcase Your Work to the Best Effect with a WordPress Gallery Plugin

In this article, we are going to see best WordPress Gallery Plugin to Showcase your Portfolio. showcase your work to the best effect with a WordPress Gallery Plugin. No matter what kind of website you have, be it an online shop or a blog, you have to make it stand out. There are about two billion websites today, which means that getting yours noticed is extremely hard. Granted, less than half of these pages are active.

However, even with those numbers it will be difficult to attract traffic to your page and then keep visitors interested enough to stick. Increasing the visual appeal of your site is as important as offering valuable content if you want to keep people interested.

This means that you need to not only include beautiful images in your post but also arrange them in a way that will be most striking. Luckily, the great library of WordPress plugins will help you with this.

Who Can Benefit from a WordPress Gallery Plugin

Many people believe that only visually-oriented websites, like photography blogs, can benefit from using specialized solutions for managing images. However, the truth is that visuals are extremely important for digital marketing, in general.

This means that every website, be it a personal blog, an e-commerce store, or even a company site, can all benefit from beautiful image galleries. They can make sure that any pictures you post on the page make more of an impact on the viewer. Also, they will make any website appear more professional.

The latter is an important benefit for anyone who builds a website on their own. WordPress is a platform best suited for it because it offers hundreds of plugins and themes for customization. Gallery plugins, in particular, will make your pages look more sophisticated and “clean” compared to just stuffing the page with picture files.

Beautifully displayed product images on every page will make for a great way to boost an e-commerce website. In this case, the gallery can literally increase your sales as well as customer retention rates.

Of course, photographers, artists, and designers will need gallery plugins to present their portfolios beautifully. For these creative professions presentation is essential for conversion. No prospective customer will hire a photographer whose website isn’t well-organized with the best pictures displayed prominently.

As for business and personal sites, galleries can be used for album pages. They will simply make the site overall appear neater. If you want your pages to make an unforgettable impression, using such simple plugins can be a great help.

WordPress Image Gallery Plugins: Top Features

WordPress image gallery plugins vary quite a bit. Therefore, you will need to study their features to choose the one that will meet your needs best. However, there is no denying that the basic set of functionalities is similar for all the best solutions. Some of the top names on the market right now are Modula, NextGEN Gallery, FooGallery, Envira Gallery, and Photo Gallery by Supsystic.

Some Of The Most Useful Features These Plugins Offer Include:

  • An array of gallery formats.
    This is the most important feature because it directly affects how the gallery of images will look. The plugin should offer you at least a few options to choose from, including tiled, masonry, and mosaic.
  • Social media sharing.
    If you want the images to boost your marketing, they must be easy to share on social media. Top gallery plugins will include the feature of adding social media buttons and even an option to share via email with one click.
  • Lightbox view.
    This is another essential feature, which enables the viewer to see an enlarged picture to study details.
  • Image commenting.
    This is another important feature for boosting marketing and SEO. Opening a discussion about images with your subscribers will not only help improve your community. Highly commented images will also be more noticeable to ranking bots.
  • Image protection.
    Artists and photographers will definitely need this feature to protect their intellectual property from being stolen.
  • Video support.
    It’s a handy extra feature if you want to have both images and video files in your gallery.
  • E-commerce support.
    Some gallery plugins are made specifically for e-commerce. They will have handy features that will make it easier to integrate the gallery with other e-commerce solutions.
  • Additional effects.
    Galleries do not only display pictures but help you edit them as well. The plugin you choose should allow you to crop and resize images. However, it should also have different visual effects to enhance the image. This includes changing the color balance and shades.
  • Gallery templates.
    It will be easier to work with a plugin that already has beautiful pre-sets you can install with a few clicks.

In Conclusion: How to Choose the Best WordPress Gallery Plugin

WordPress plugins can improve your website in a variety of ways. Therefore, you should never miss the chance to use one for increasing its visual appeal. WordPress gallery plugins are versatile in both prices and features. Therefore, you need to know exactly what you want to pick what’s right for you.

It’s important to understand that there is no such thing as the “best plugin” because all of them have strengths and weaknesses. The point is to choose an option that has all the strengths you need at the most reasonable price.

Start by making a list of features you really need in your gallery plugin. You can start by studying the features offered by top solutions, like Modula and FooGallery. This will give you some idea of what you can get with this type of software.

Then, consider your budget. You can set up a good WordPress website at about $300, but some gallery plugins can cost as much as $79. If your funds are limited, you will need to start with a free or a very affordable option (around $30).

Note that the majority of WordPress gallery plugins will have some type of free demo version. However, it will only have the most basic features. You will need to buy at least an entry-level pro-package to get any real customization done.

But using free versions can give you a good idea of what exactly you can achieve with this plugin. Therefore, you should consider using several of them to see how they work for your website.

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